Types of Contouring Brushes October 24, 2016 – Posted in: Makeup Brushes

Contouring is a very interesting topic. If done properly, it can enhance your face features such as your nose, cheekbones and jawline. It can even change the shape of your face to a reasonable degree. You can easily achieve either a natural cheekbones or jawline, or a very defined look. Contouring will also give the illusion of a slimmer face. So don’t be surprised if someone asked you if you have lost any weight!

There are 2 different types of make-up brush hair; brushes that are made from synthetic hair or brushes that are made from real hair. Contouring can be done by using cream based products (for instance, foundation or concealer) or powder based product (bronzer). If cream based product is your choice, then go with a synthetic brush as it will apply the cream smoothly and evenly. However, if powder based is your choice, then go with a real hair brush as it will pick up more pigments or color and blend it perfectly.

Here are the list of some brushes that are great for contouring:

Angled Brush


Gorgeous Cosmetic Brush #028



MAC 168 Large Angled Brush

Angled brush is really good for that very defined cheekbones and jawline look. It is angled therefore making it easier to achieve a sharper cheekbones or jawline. Also, it is very important to blend as it can sometimes look quite harsh. However, due to its medium size, it is not the best for nose contouring.

Tapered Pointy Brush


MAC 165 Limited Edition Brush

This brush is ideal to give that “my cheekbones/jawbones/nose but better” kind of look. The pointy part is great in picking up just the right amount of color and the side is great for blending the color into your skin.

Small Rounded Brush


MAC 109 Small Contour Brush

This brush is a multi- functional brush. The result is natural but you can always build it up to look more defined. You can use it for applying bronzer, blush, or even for all over eye- shadow color.

Large Eyeshadow Brush


Estee Lauder 9E Large Eyeshadow Brush

If you do not have any of the brushes mentioned above, don’t worry because your largest eye-shadow brush can do wonders too. Just ensure they are large and dense enough to pick up colour, like this Estee Lauder 9E Large Eyeshadow Brush. It will definitely need a little bit more effort as it is smaller compared to a normal contouring brush size. But really, it will do the job!

Have fun experimenting with different types of brushes and see which one you like better. You really can’t get wrong with contouring if you blend, blend and blend.